Testing port connectivity with curl based on IP version 6


1) 클라이언트: curl, latest version

2) 웹서버: Apache Tomcat with IP version 6


접속 테스트

1) Client: curl, IP 버전 6 주소와 함께 사용할 인터페이스를 지정해야 한다.

# curl -g -6 “http://

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2021/8/14 8:31

2) Server: Apache Tomcat Server access log

# tail /var/log/plura/weblog.log

{"Remote-addr": "fe80:0:0:0:882:75bf:f497:e378%2", "X-forwarded-for": "-", "Request-date": "14/Aug/2021:08:31:40.924 +0900", "Method": "GET", "Request": "GET /daytime HTTP/1.1", "Host": "", "Uri": "/daytime", "Cookie": "-", "Refere": "-", "User-Agent": "curl/7.78.0", "Status": "200", "Resp-Content-Length": "159"}



1) ping IP version 6 사용하기

# ping6 -I ens192 fe80::20c:29ff:fe2f:52de

2) telnet IP version 6 사용하기

# telnet -6 fe80::20c:29ff:fe2f:52de%ens192 8080


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